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  • Semester Project 1

    Portraits & Silence

    The first part of this work deals with different styles of portraits and what they
    communicate. Weather it is about playing a role or capturing the moment, portraits
    can reveal, remind, express, imitate and hide. They capture our attention
    and speak to our emotions. Portraits tell a story. They make us ask questions
    and encourage to find out more about what we see.

    The second part is a photo series on the topic silence. Silence is perceived very
    differently by each one of us. To me silence in the first place is this specific feeling of
    freedom and peace when being awake early in the morning while the world is still
    asleep, spending time in the nature and capturing those first beautiful moments of a
    day with my camera. I love the soft light and the opportunities the quietness holds
    to experience little wonders, which I would probably not during daytime. There is the
    early fog, which is gone as soon as the sun rises higher. It is a lonely beaver
    following his path through a calm lake quietly or waters, which seem to be like mirrors
    because there are no waves to disturb it.

    Anne Reichel

    1st semester
    winter semester 2012/2013

    Annette Jonak

    Rhine-Waal-University of Applied Sciences

  • ein Portrait von einer Gruppe
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  • ein Selbstportrait
  • ein Selbstportrait
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